FIX LA Alliance Unveils Demands

Fix LA Alliance to Unveil Demands to Make LA the “Most Affordable, Tenant-Friendly City in America”; Proposals to be Released at Underdeveloped Site of Former LAPD Headquarters Where Alliance Will Call for Social Housing to be Constructed

On October 11 at the Old Parker Center Building Site, Hundreds of Housing Activists, Clergy, Community and Labor Groups Will Unveil Proposals and Demands They Have Made to the City for Social and Permanent Housing, Stronger Tenant Protections, Improved Wages and Good Union Jobs So LA Residents Can Live in Dignity and Security.

Los Angeles — An unprecedented alliance of housing activists, clergy, community members, and labor groups — all members of the FIX LA Alliance — will come together to unveil the demands and proposals that they have presented to City officials that will set LA on a path to become the most affordable, tenant friendly City in America. 

At the rally and press conference — which will start at 9:30 a.m. — hundreds of FIX LA Alliance members will discuss their core demands and vision for LA, which include: 

The FIX LA Alliance is releasing its plan at an unprecedented moment in LA history — in which homelessness and housing are top agenda items for the City Council and the Mayor’s office — and as officials prepare for the 2026 World Cup and the 2028 Olympics. The FIX LA Alliance believes its demands and advocacy will be a game changer that will help LA make inroads into solving its homelessness and housing crises and help to make the City more affordable. 

The rally comes as bargaining is underway between Los Angeles City management and the Coalition of LA City Unions — a FIX LA Alliance partner that represents almost 24,000 City Workers, 70% of whom are people of color. The Coalition has adopted Bargaining for the Common Good principles  — a model of social change used by many labor and community groups to seek wins at the negotiating table that achieve wider social and community victories. As such, the Coalition aims to win benefits for City Workers, but also ensure that LA can achieve the housing and tenant goals outlined by the FIX LA Alliance.  

“It’s time to FIX LA,” says Abdullah Muhammad of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) Action, a grassroots 15,000-member-strong statewide community organization. “For too long, skyrocketing housing costs and stagnant wages have transformed LA into a highly unequal City, one where millionaires and billionaires can live comfortably, but working people can barely get by. With all the wealth there is in LA, there is no justification for the poverty we see in the City. Angelenos know what we need to do: Build more affordable housing, strengthen tenant protections, and ensure more residents can access good, union jobs that support families and help people live with dignity. LA’s labor unions, Angelenos, and the FIX LA Alliance are ready to fight. Our goal is nothing less than making LA the most affordable, tenant-friendly City in America.”