LA City is slashing essential services like pothole and sewer maintenance, sidewalk repair, crossing guards and more—because they’re shoveling almost $300 million a year to Wall Street. That’s why we’re marching on Tuesday, October 28 to name and shame the banks who are sucking the life out of LA! 
We are committed to building a City that works for everyone. We are pushing our elected leaders to stand up to the very Wall Street bankers who crashed our economy in 2008 and make them pay their fair share like the rest of us.
Let the City know that it’s time to put LA’s needs ahead of Wall Street greed! We CAN build a world-class city with a living wage for all, good full-time middle-class jobs, and thriving neighborhoods with the vital services that keep our city safe, clean, and functioning.
9:30 am: March begins at Hope Street & Hope Place in Downtown LA
11:15 am: Rally at City Hall, Spring Street Steps
Download a flyer here.
It’s time to stand up to Wall Street and let the City know it’s time to Fix LA!